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The Zorn Compressor & Equipment Difference

Compressed air is a vital utility to so many industries.  Here at Zorn Compressor, as a compressed air distributor, we do so much more than just provide you with lasting compressed air! Find out more below:

Uses of Compressed Air

At Zorn, we like to say that anyone who makes anything could use compressed air in their facility. This couldn’t be truer! Our biggest industry we service is general manufacturing, and within this one industry alone, there are tons of different applications for compressed air. Whether it be small fabrication shops or gigantic machinery factories here are a few ways compressed air gets put to work:

  • Powering conveyor belts & automated robot systems
  • Preparing work surfaces by blowing off debris and cleaning the area
  • Heating or cooling certain processes
  • Operating assemblers
  • Spray painting
  • Packaging finished products
  • Drying
  • Mixing of powders, liquids, and/or chemicals
  • Filling various containers
  • Powering tools
  • Lifting materials

Many of these applications are the basic foundations for more directed and specific actions in industries like food & beverage, pharmaceuticals, automotive, plastics, wood, paper, chemical, and agricultural industries.  To put in simpler terms: compressed air does the work for you and increases your efficiencies.

Why We Are Different

Zorn Compressor can provide you a unique solution tailored directly to your industry, company, and each application. We are a multi-line distributor, so we are not tied to any one model from a specific vendor.  Instead- we have experts that come assess your processes and find the perfect machine(s) that will most efficiently and effectively complete the necessary tasks.

Speaking of our experts- they are everywhere at Zorn Compressor!  From our sales representatives to our management, to our service employees and our technicians. Everyone goes through extensive training so that we are best prepared to help all of our customers.

We have 24/7 availability in cases of emergency, and we have planned maintenance programs under no contract to you, to continue to keep your machine up and running throughout the years.  It’s not just selling equipment here at Zorn, but building relationships. That’s why we have sales representatives and technicians located throughout Wisconsin and Northern Illinois- so we can better locally serve you in a timely manner and allow one-on-one time between our customers and our experts.  Our Technical Services Team (TSG) will also travel to you to do full leak detections, system audits, and energy savings projects.

Maintenance Agreements

Since compressed air is such a vital component of our customers’ operations, we recognize the necessity for continuous and proper maintenance throughout your system’s life. Each maintenance agreement is a custom-tailored agreement (notice how we don’t say “contract”) that is based off of your annual running hours, equipment configuration and environment, and your unique system needs.  We will continually track hours accumulated on your system throughout the years and service it accordingly. You only pay for the maintenance that is required. Our no-contract-required system means you can opt in, opt out, and then back in at any time.

Other Fun Perks of Working with Zorn

  • Used Equipment

    • Zorn Compressor & Equipment also keeps pieces of used equipment on hand for a more affordable solution to those companies that need the machinery but cannot yet afford a brand-new machine. We carry both used compressors and vacuum pumps, and we will buy and sell both!
  • Rentals

    • Some of our used equipment, along with a few machines we keep on hand that are not for sale, are put to use as rentals. Customers can rent machines for emergency situations or while an install is happening, until their system gets up and running. We offer rental compressors for up to 300hp, air dryers up to 2,000 CFM, and vacuum pumps up to 50hp.
  • Stocked Parts & Lubricants

    • Zorn Compressor keeps an extensive inventory of OEM & aftermarket parts and lubricants to keep your compressed air system up to date in a timely manner. This minimizes your downtime and helps keep your large investment in tip-top-shape with top-of-the-line parts that are always in stock.
  • Complete Install & Piping

    • Like we said, we’re not just compressed air! In fact, we have an entire building in Pewaukee, WI dedicated to our install team and stocking plant piping & related materials.  Zorn offers full plant air and fluid distribution piping for compressed air, vacuum, and nitrogen applications. We also carry more than one brand and one material of pipe including aluminum, black iron, copper, PVC, and stainless steel (PVC not to be used in compressed air applications).
  • In-Shop Repair

    • Zorn Compressor & Equipment also has in-shop repair and rebuild services at our own facility. While we are great at onsite and in-the-field maintenance services, we recognize that sometimes bigger problems arise that require in-shop attention.  Luckily, for our customers, we don’t need to ship your machine to the manufacturer as our in-shop experts have capabilities for all our equipment including air-end rebuilding for all brands, full parts and labor warranties, total rebuilds for all rotating technologies within the pressure and vacuum realms, and test capabilities to 500hp.

So, what are you waiting for? Work with Zorn Air! Reach out to us today for all your compressed air and vacuum needs.  It’s likely that we have what you’ve been looking for- and we promise you a lasting relationship filled with expertise and quality that you won’t regret.



Zorn is the Midwest leader of custom, engineered compressed air and vacuum solutions. We provide the best customer experience by understanding your applications and needs and offering an unparalleled commitment to customer satisfaction. 

Our comprehensive product and service solutions keep you running 24/7.

  • Reliable equipment
  • Trusted brands
  • Seamless, easy installation
  • Post-sales support
  • Local, 24/7 service

Our compressed air experts look forward to meeting you to discuss your equipment and support needs. Please contact us directly at (262) 695-7000 with any questions or to schedule service for your system moving forward.

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