Friday, June 2

Compressed Air Applications for the Dairy Industry

It’s no secret that dairy farmers work in an extremely labor-intensive industry. Many farming operations take a toll on the human body, but now compressed air can assist in many of these operations! Let’s look at some dairy applications for compressed air systems:

Powering Milking Machines

An air compressor and a vacuum pump can be used together to create a suction effect that powers milking machines and brings the milk from the animal and into the refrigerated storage tank.

Dairy Processing & Agitation

When the milking process is done and the raw milk has been transported to a storage tank, it now needs to be agitated. This agitation process is conducted by compressed air. It allows bubbles of air to rise through the milk and produce circulation throughout the liquid. Similarly, compressed air also assists in the mixing processes. It powers mixing machines that can help mix or blend different solids and liquids to reach a desired outcome, such as ice cream.

Opening & Closing Pneumatic Valves

Pneumatic valves are used to help direct, distribute, and control the pressurized air throughout your plant. These valves help ensure your operations are receiving the constant flow they need to operate at the right times. It is the stream of compressed air that controls the opening and closing of these valves. This is especially helpful when product batching.

Transporting & Packaging

Compressed air can be utilized to power conveyor belts to transport products and bring them through the packaging process. Before packaging takes place, compressed air helps to sanitize the packaging equipment to ensure it is safe for food products. Vacuum pumps are very frequently used when packaging dairy products as their suction power vacuum seals the products tightly in their packaging. Compressed air also is used as a tool for freezing and dehydration in the dairy packaging industry. Some dairy producers may also use compressed air to blow mold special packaging containers for their products.


As always, compressed air can be used to clean the environment before and after operation. This can include blowing off equipment, powering flush systems to wash animal waste away, spraying off surfaces. Air can also be used to blow throw product lines and evacuate them of any excess product that or contaminants.



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