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Air Management Equipment

Zorn Compressor & Equipment offers several compressed air management solutions
designed to provide system optimization, energy efficiency, and production uptime.

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  1. Automation Panels & Sequencers
    Product Description

    Automation panels can further enhance system reliability and improve efficiency within multiple compressor installations. Our automation panel options can help visualize and optimize performance, which can reduce waste, lower energy consumption, reduce downtime, and increase uptime.

    • Compatible with fixed speed, variable speed, and variable displacement controls
    • Customizable options available
    Product Specifications
    • Max operations up to 24 compressors

  2. Industrial Flow Controller Flow Controller
    Product Description

    Flow controllers act as a pressure regulator that reacts quickly to changes in downstream demand, releasing volumes of stored compressed air with precision to maintain stable system pressure. Given adequate storage upstream, flow controllers can maintain system pressures within +/- 1 PSI of target pressure even with large swings in demand.

    Product Specifications
    • Max flow available up to 19,200 CFM
    • Max pressure up to 300 PSI available

    Featured Brands
    Availability varies by location.
    • Quincy
    • Zeks
    • Gardner Denver
    • Nano
    • Beko

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