Energy Savings Audits

Zorn Compressor & Equipment offers a variety of energy-savings products and services designed to improve efficiency and optimize your system, including system walkthroughs, supply-side assessments, demand-side assessments, leak detection, and leak repair.

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Full System Audits

Zorn's extensive full system audit is performed by a DOE Qualified AirMaster+ Specialist and modeled after the Department of Energy ESA audit. It's designed for large or complex systems requiring multiple days onsite for data collection and analysis.

This also includes the scope of the Supply Side System Assessment, plus verification of equipment performance and controls and compressed air leak-detection service.

Additional services include but are not limited to:

  • Desiccant sampling
  • Pump up testing
  • Piping design assessment
  • Point-of-use flow metering
  • Component pressure
  • Temperature differentials
  • Air quality monitoring
Zorn Employee System Walkthroughs

System Walkthroughs

System Walkthroughs IconThis complimentary service is provided by a Compressed Air Challenge Level 2 Certified Account Manager using the "System Efficiency Worksheet." Walkthroughs also include discussion of both supply-side and demand-side components with an estimate of current electrical operating costs and areas for potential improvement.

Zorn Demand Side Assessment

Demand Side Assessment


A demand side assessment provides a detailed study of the distribution system and the processes that consume compressed air following Compressed Air Best Practices. Among the potential areas of study are:

  • High-speed, cyclical applications
  • Open blowing applications
  • Bag house pulses
  • Header pressure
  • Pressure drop locations

Supply Side Assessment

Supply Side Assessment Icon

Ideal for creating a system, a supply side assessment is performed by a Level 2 Certified Account Manager to determine current compressed-air usage and estimated electrical operating costs. Data is gathered and analyzed with a customized report that includes:

  • Compressed air demand profile
  • Pressure levels
  • Compressor utilization
  • Dryer dew point performance
  • Compressor contribution graphs
  • Single point pressure graph
  • Annual electrical operating costs estimate
Zorn Creating Compressed Air Leak Detection Report

Compressed Air Leak Detection

COMPRESSED AIR LEAK DETECTION IconThis service includes the identification, tagging, and logging of compressed-air leaks by a trained technician using ultrasonic detection equipment. We provide a report identifying and quantifying the leaks with a log to document repairs.

Zorn Repair Shop

Compressed Air Leak Repair

Compressed Air Leak Repair IconA trained Zorn technician will repair tagged leaks in accessible areas such as pipe fittings, poly tubing, quick connects, hose connections, FRLs, and auto drains.

Repairs to leaks integral to production equipment are subject to downtime and parts availability.

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