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Ensure your system is in top shape and meets any and all industry requirements with an air-quality audit from an experienced Zorn technician.

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Air Quality Testing & Audits

During an air quality audit, an experienced technician takes air samples and tests them for particulate, water and oil (PWO), microbial, and grade D breathable air. They then send the sample to Trace Analytics, our ISO 17025-accredited partner lab, for processing and analysis.

Compressed Air Quality Testing IconThe lab generates a report, and if there are air quality issues, we work with customers to ensure their air quality needs are met and exceeded and that they and their business are well equipped for the future.

Zorn's air quality audits help customers meet their SQF, ISO, BCAS, and GFSI compressed air quality requirements as well as specifications like ISO 8573, NFPA 1989, NFPA 99, OSHA, CGA, CSA, and many more.

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