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Commonly Used Compressed Air Acronyms

There is a lot of terminology and acronyms to learn in the compressed air world. We created this blog to help you learn and better understand what these commonly used acronyms mean.

ACFM: Actual Cubic Feet per Minute: The flow rate of air at a certain point at a certain condition at that point.

ADP: Atmospheric Dew Point: The water content in the air at the ambient pressure

BHP: Break Horsepower: Horsepower required at the compressor shaft to perform its job.

CFM: Cubic Feet per Minute: A unit of measurement used to measure the volumetric air flow rate.

DC: Duty Cycle: A measure of the length of time a compressor can run before resting.

DUTY CYCLE (DC): Run time/ (run time + rest time)

DP: Dew Point: The temperature at which condensation occurs.

FAD: Free Air Delivery: The quantity of gas actually compressed and delivered at the standard discharge point at atmospheric conditions and a set speed.

HP: Horsepower: A unit of power used to measure how much power the compressor motor produces.

PSI: Pounds per Square Inch: A unit of pressure used to measure the operating pressure of air compressors.

PSIA: Absolute Pressure: Gauge pressure plus atmospheric pressured measured from zero.

PSIG: Gauge Pressure: Pressure determined by an instrument or gauge.

ICFM: Inlet CFM: The volumetric air flow rate as it flows through the air compressor inlet filter or inlet valve under rated conditions.

kW: Kilowatt: Unit of measurement measuring how much power something needs to run. 1kW=1000 Watts

kWh: Kilowatt-hour: Unit of energy that measures how much energy is used over a period of time.

MA: Maintenance AgreementZorn Compressor & Equipment's custom-tailored, no-contract, opt-in/opt-out at any time maintenance plans built custom to each unique customer and compressed air system.

PDP: Pressure Dew Point: The water content in the air at actual pressure.

POU: Point of Use: Where the pressurized air is released from the compressed air system to be used in operation.

RH: Relative Humidity: The ratio between the water content to the amount of water the air can hold at the same temperature.

RELATIVE HUMIDITY (RH)= Actual water content/Maximum Water Content

RPM: Revolutions per Minute: Measures the speed of the compressor drive shaft or rotor shaft by how fast it completes full revolutions.

SCFM: Standard Cubic Feet Per Minute: The volumetric flow rate of air at a standard set of reference conditions. 

VSD: Variable Speed Drive: Compressed air technology that allows the speed of the compressor’s motor to be adjusted based on demand to provide energy savings and higher efficiencies.

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