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Importance of Oil-Free Machines in the Dairy Industry

Air Quality Standards

There are a wide variety of cleanliness standards that need to be met when dealing with products that we will consume. It is imperative that dairy processors have Class 0 air- this is during the milking and processing phase. Class 0 air means that any air discharged from the compressor is 100% free of oil aerosols, vapors, or liquids. This is the highest quality air possible out of a nine-class classification system. Air in the dairy industry also needs to meet strict SQF standards and ISO-8573 International Quality Requirements.

What Does “Oil-Free” Mean

In the world of compressors, there are 3 main types of oil classifications: oil lubricated, oil-less, and oil-free. In oil-lubricated machines, oil is injected into the compression chamber to lubricate the bearings and gears that are compressing the air. Oil comes in direct contact with the air and compression chamber, making these machines more suitable for industrial applications. Oil-less compressors have a decreased risk of contamination than oil lubricated but still have oil used in the lubrication process. However, in oil-less compressors, this oil does not enter the compression chamber and should thus never come in direct contact with the air. Oil-free compressors have no oil in their system. Oil-free compressors generally have internal mechanisms that do not touch when operating, to eliminate the need for a synthetic lubricant of any kind. Thus, oil-free compressors are most frequently used in the food and beverage and dairy industries where there can be no contaminants in the compressed air.

Benefits of Oil Free Machines

Aside from the obvious clean air they produce, there are other benefits to utilizing oil free compressors: 

  • There is no need to perform oil changes or dispose of any oil filled condensate.
  • Downstream filters require less attention and replacement needs since they are not filtering oil.
  • Healthier for the environment quieter operations.



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