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Nitrogen Generation & Dairy Production


The most common use of nitrogen in the food and beverage industry, and specifically the dairy industry, is in the packaging process. Utilizing nitrogen while packaging dairy products is done to lengthen the shelf life of the product. Nitrogen minimizes oxidation by modifying the atmosphere the dairy product is in by taking out the presence of oxygen. Oxygen can cause a variety of issues to arise including microbial growth, flavor or color changes, decomposition, and spoiling. By injecting nitrogen into your package of dairy products it prevents microorganisms from growing and reduces the risk and speed of spoiling, ensuring it is safe for public consumption. Because of this, the shelf life is increased, and these products can also then be distributed further around the globe.

This type of packaging is called Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP). It is a food preservation packaging method commonly used in the dairy industry. During the process, the temperature of the atmosphere is lowered which causes the foods’ respiration rates to slow and prevent aging.

Food-Grade Nitrogen

Food packaging also requires high purity ratings out of their nitrogen production, as the food that encounters the nitrogen within the packaged atmosphere, will be consumed by people. Food grade nitrogen meets many global standards for quality and purity by having less than 1% of oxygen within it- thus having a purity level of 99%. This type of nitrogen is different than the nitrogen used in applications such as tire inflation or metals manufacturing, where high purity levels are of less concern.

Benefits of Generating Your Own Nitrogen

Purchasing a nitrogen generator for your facility to have on-site nitrogen generation has many benefits including:

  • Control over the proper flow, purity, and quality of the nitrogen
  • Nitrogen supply and use when you need it with no delay or waiting period
  • Ease of use by needing less coordination with outside vendors and deliveries
  • Many customers and applications can see a short-term ROI by generating their own Nitrogen in-house



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