Commercial Bakery Uses Low PSI Blowers to Succeed

Zorn Compressor & Equipment has many solutions beyond air compressors for a large array of industries.  See how we helped this bakery customer achieve their goals and exceed expectations with our expertise, personalized solutions, and blower recommendation.

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Blowers Overview

Maxum Blowers designs and manufactures true industrial-duty, low PSI blowers. Blowers are an adjacent product to an air compressor in that they use air and increase the speed of the air as it passes through the blower. When this air passes through the blower, the internal rotors and impellers are used to pressurize the air and blow it out of the outlet. This discharged air has an increased pressure, generally of 1-6 PSI, and an increased velocity to remove contaminants or other particles from the designated product.

Industrial blowers can come in a variety configurations and technologies. Maxum blowers, specifically, are designed to be long lasting, durable, and energy efficient. They manufacture single head and dual head models at different horsepowers, and offer vertical and horizontal enclosure designs.

In this scenario...

We are working with a Maxum Single Head Air Blower with a 7.5hp motor and horizontal mounting.  This provides a 300-700 CFM range and pressure up to 90" H20 or 3.2 psi. These specific units boast strong industrial durability with an extended lifespan.  They are able to achieve a higher output at less horsepower which equates to a high energy efficient system.  These units come complete with integrated filters and vibration mounts, as well as sound dampening technology.

Customer's Overview


This large, growing, commercial bakery has been around for 25 years utilizing compressed air and its related equipment in its food manufacturing operations. Their products include items like croissants, breads, biscuits, English muffins, and more. They provide these products to many leading foodservice, food manufacturing, and retail customers across the United States.


Their Kenosha, Wisconsin area location was utilizing compressed air and a compressed air air-knife to blow crumbs off of their assembly line, prior to the pans entering into a cooling tunnel to go back through production.  The compressed air air-knife was not effective, so leftover bread debris was left on the pan, causing issues in the cooling tunnel and forcing them to use more energy than necessary.


L07E Horizontal Blower

Instead of using house air, this customer switched over to a Maxum Blower with a 7.5 hp motor.  This allowed them to reduce their electrical usage and increase the overall efficiency of their process of blowing off bread debris and crumbs from pans.

They were so happy with the quality of the product and Zorn's expertise, that they called us back in to add another blower to the same location, and to start a project at one of their locations in the southern United States.

Estimated Energy Savings

By switching to Maxum Blowers and utilizing Zorn Compressor's expertise, this customer observed their electrical usage substantially decrease from 26KW to 5.6KW. Resulting in the following estimated data:

  • 20.4KW in yearly electrical usage savings
  • $17,136 in yearly dollar amount savings


Customer Review

"Other businesses need three places to blow off their pans. With this machine, we only need one, so we save on air. I have higher than average expectations and you [Zorn Compressor] met them."

- Thomas, Corporate Project Engineer

Looking to add a blower to your facility?