July 1, 2022

Compressed Air Equipment in Food Packaging

With the Fourth of July coming up quick, you are probably stocking up on lots of food for barbecues, lake outings, and picnics. Do you ever wonder how that bag of chips came to be packaged the way it is? Or how your soda's aluminum can allows the liquid to stay carbonated? Well, the answer is simple…compressed air system equipment! Let’s take a closer look at how this works and how air compressors play a part in the food and beverage industry.


To maintain efficiency and consistency, vacuum pressure and compressed air is used for lifting, placing, and manipulating food products to ensure high quality and allow for proper packaging. When the assembly line hits the packaging phase, compressed air is used for various tasks such as filling & sealing different packaging materials, blowing off water or excess powders before placing in packaging, labeling the packages, and cleaning the packaging materials being used. Of course, it is crucial for the air to be contaminant free to ensure the highest quality for the food and its protection- therefore oil free compressors are frequently used for these applications.


Nitrogen is commonly being used in the food packaging industry to keep food fresher longer and to maintain the packages form. Nitrogen that is put into a food package pushes the oxygen out and purges any moisture which eliminates most conditions that cause food deterioration. Furthermore, the Nitrogen inserted into food packaging helps to prevent collapsing, which is especially important for delicate foods such as potato chips. Nitrogen can also be combined with other non-harmful gases to meet certain foods’ properties, also known as Modified Atmospheric Packaging (MAP).


Vacuum equipment is used most frequently for sealing in the food packaging world. By having vacuum sealed bags, manufacturers preserve the shelf life of the food inside and prevent any contaminants from entering. The purpose of the vacuum is to remove any oxygen and bacteria from the package, and then create as compact of a package as possible for storage and transportation.



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