May 15, 2018

Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) Control

Rotary Screw Vacuum Pumps Benefit Process Vacuum Applications

A variety of vacuum technologies are used to supply rough vacuum applications in industries such as plastics, printing, wood products and food packaging. Technologies such as rotary vane, liquid ring and rotary claw offer limited control options, low operating efficiency and often have compromised reliability.

The QSV rotary screw vacuum pump offers significant improvements in operating efficiency over other technologies. The rotary screw air end design combined with a contained oil cooling system delivers long operating life (10-year air end warranty available) and lower life cycle cost.

The QSV is controlled by an integral Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) that matches the capacity of the vacuum pump to the actual plant demands. Additionally, the VFD controller maintains a tighter vacuum level band allowing for additional energy savings and process improvement.

To see if the QSV rotary screw vacuum pump is right for your application, contact Zorn Compressor & Equipment — we specialize in vacuum solutions!

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