October 1, 2021

Compressed Air Treatment for Automotive Repair

Compressed air is a necessity in the automotive repair industry. With so many different air users in the shop, it can be easy to get caught up in a variety of factors, like:

  • How much air do you need to run your shop?
  • What pressure does everything run at?

But one question that often gets neglected should seem like an obvious one for an industry that ultimately cares about quality:

  • What kind of compressed air quality do you need to get the job done properly?

In an industry full of power tools and lifts, air quality can seem like a small concern, but it can have big effects. From potential moisture to oil carryover and contaminants, compressed air needs to be treated properly before entering your end use equipment to provide the right quality of air for your customers.

There are three main air treatment options for your systems:

1. Air dryers

2. Air filtration

3. Oil/Water Separators


Here’s some information each air treatment option available for your system.


Refrigerated: Refrigerated air dryers are most commonly found as stand-alone units or integrated into the package of your compressor system. These dryers are rated to remove moisture down to around 40° F (4º C) ambient conditions. This type of dryer will do well in protecting your end use equipment like impact wrenches and grinders from moisture issues.

Desiccant: Desiccant air dryers are available as stand-alone units designed to remove moisture below 0° F (-17º C). These dryers are designed to provide dry air to the most sensitive of applications including painting. To get that perfect mirror finish during painting, it’s vital to remove all traces of moisture and contamination, so desiccant air dryers are commonly found at shops that spray on a regular basis.


Air line filtration is used to remove particulates and oil carryover from your end use process. Contamination is never good for air tools or the final product, so air line filtration is used to remove fine particle pollution and residual oil from the compressed air stream down to the 0.01 micron level and beyond, if necessary.

Best practice is to include a pre-filter to protect your air dryer and an after-filter to protect your end-use equipment.


Oil lubricated compressors produce condensate while operating. In order to protect the environment from this oily condensate, oil/water condensate separators are designed to remove oil carryover from the compressor condensate so that disposal is not only quick and easy, but safe as well.

Zorn is committed to ensuring effective air systems.

When it comes to choosing the right compressed air system for your automotive facility, it comes down to the little details. Reach out to us directly and discuss your options with one of our local compressed air experts. Whether it’s for a new facility, replacing an existing unit, or planning for growth, we can help you choose the best system for your needs auto repair shop.

Zorn is the Midwest leader of custom, engineered compressed air and vacuum solutions. We provide the best customer experience by understanding your applications and needs and offering an unparalleled commitment to customer satisfaction.

Our comprehensive product and service solutions keep you running 24/7.

  • Reliable equipment
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Our compressed air experts look forward to meeting you to discuss your equipment and support needs. Please contact us directly at (262) 695-7000 with any questions or to schedule service for your system moving forward.

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