September 16, 2021

Compressed Air in Automotive Repair

From tire inflation to painting and everything in between, compressed air is vital to the automotive repair industry. Automotive repair shops use compressed air in virtually every stage of the automotive body repair process. But with so many different things to consider like maximum pressure and flow required, air quality, and drying options, it can seem overwhelming choosing the right system for your auto shop. 

Let’s break things down to simplify the process. The three biggest things to consider are your needs in these three areas:

  1. Air pressure

  2. Air volume

  3. Air quality


Air Pressure (PSI)

First, it’s important to consider the air pressure (PSI) required from your air tools. From impact wrenches and grinders to paint sprayers and sanders, each tool will have a minimum air pressure requirement to operate correctly. 

If you’re operating a 1” impact wrench, you may need up to 175 PSI to provide the appropriate torque. Many common air tools, however, are easily operated at 90-100 PSI. Make sure your system provides the maximum air pressure your tools require.

Air Volume

The second function to consider in tandem with air pressure is air volume, the total flow (CFM) of air you’re in need of to operate all the equipment in your facility. Many grinders and sanders only require 3-5 CFM @ 100 PSI to operate, but other air users like sand blasters or paint sprayers could use significantly more air volume to operate properly. 

Take all your air users and add up the total volume to come up with a total air flow requirement for your facility and make sure your compressor can supply that volume at the minimum.

Air Quality

The last major point to consider in your compressed air system is the air quality required. Filling tires or operating grinders may not require the highest quality air, but paint spraying certainly does. 

Make sure there is adequate filtration to remove any potential contaminants, particle pollution, or oil carryover to protect your end use equipment. Air dryers are also important in removing moisture from your compressed air and can make all the difference when it comes to paint bleeding or fisheyes.

We wrote another article specific to compressed air treatments for your system, since this is such an important thing for the automotive industry. So don't overlook this step!

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