January, 26 2022

The Importance of Medical Air

Air compressors are used in a variety of industries and applications. From factories that make widgets to filling your tires with air, air compressors are vital to everyday life. Another major industry that relies on compressed air is the hospital and medical world. Hospitals and veterinary clinics rely on Medical in several different ways for various important processes and medical applications. 

What is Medical Air?

Medical Air is a clean supply of compressed air used in hospitals and healthcare facilities for patient respiration. It is best for sterile facilities like hospitals and healthcare facilities because it is free of contamination and particles, has no oil or odors, and is dry to prevent water buildup in the facility's pipeline.

Medical Air Uses

These compressed air systems are imperative to numerous critical end-uses, such as in:

  • Operating rooms
  • Intensive care units, and
  • Neonatal rooms

In operating rooms, compressed air can keep a patient breathing and comfortable, while also assisting in the function of handheld devices to assist doctors and nurses. 

Intensive care units (ICU) utilize ventilators, which use compressed air to ensure the patient has the appropriate amount of oxygen. In the ICU, ventilation systems are also imperative to maintaining critical levels of oxygen and keeping the air contaminant-free.

As you can imagine, these compressed air systems need to be of the highest quality to ensure proper operation for such an important industry. Both in how the air compressors are designed to run continuously to meet a constant demand, but also in the actual air quality provided by these systems. 

Many medical air compressors are non-lubricated to prevent any oils from entering the airstream. Moisture must also be removed from the compressed air stream to unsure contamination does not occur, so desiccant air dryers are often used in these processes to provide sub-zero dew points. There are also standards, like NFPA-99, that are very stringent to ensure patients are receiving the best quality care. Contaminated air can put patients at risk, so it’s vital to ensure standards are being met to protect everyone.

Compressed air is also used for air filtration, maintenance, and hospital equipment. Hospitals require the cleanest, driest air possible, so these compressors are designed to provide just that. Hospital maintenance crews utilize compressed air for air tools just like any manufacturing or repair industry. These compressors are used to maintain facilities and ensure maintenance technicians can work effectively. Even hospital beds can use compressed air to adjust, among other common chiropractic or physical therapy tables.

If you’re interested in learning more about what standards are vital to the medical industry or need some input on what your medical facility needs to ensure you’re meeting the highest compressed air standards, reach out to one of our compressed air experts to discuss.

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