Case Study

Increasing Compressed Air Capacity

A specialty lighting manufacturer located in the Northern Chicago suburbs was adding assembly capacity and needed to increase their compressed air capacity. They were running an older 20 hp lubricated rotary screw air compressor rated at 75 cfm at 125 psig. The compressor was operating in load/no load control with a single 120 gallon tank and a refrigerated air dryer.

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Conduct a System Snapshot to evaluate compressed air demands and assess system efficiency. The assessment showed:

  • The controls on the existing 20 hp compressor were not operating correctly
  • The air compressor was running unloaded for extended periods without shutting off automatically
  • Air demands were light and intermittent
  • Storage capacity was marginally sized
  • Opportunity to reduce power consumption and operating costs


Gardner Denver L07 10 hp lubricated rotary screw package mounted on a 120 gallon tank.


The 10 hp compressor is running in the lead position and the additional storage capacity has improved operating efficiency. The control on the existing 20 hp was repaired allowing it to be a “live” back up machine for emergencies and/or maintenance.

The Zorn approach not only helped this customer save on electrical costs but on their budget as well. The system assessment and data logging allowed Zorn to find the custom solution to best meet the customers’ needs.

Customer Review

“I really thought we were going to need a larger air compressor because the existing unit was running all the time. While everyone else was quoting a larger air compressor, Zorn showed us that we could really use a smaller compressor. They took the time to understand our needs and recommended a better solution.”

- Victor Smith, Production Manager

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