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Furnace Aspiration

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  1. Annual Electric Savings


  2. Annual Power Reduction

    108,000 kwH

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A plate glass manufacturer was using compressed air to aspirate their furnace using 105 psig plant air and regulating down to 8 psig for the aspiration application. Based upon observation and flow metering, the aspiration demand was estimated at 110 cfm.


Zorn Compressor evaluated the entire system and sized a blower package to provide approximately 140 cfm at 10 psig.

Solution Offering:

  • VFD was incorporated to provide turn down when the full demand of the blower was not required or all aspiration zones were not being used
  • Proposed blower had a 10 hp motor and was estimated to require about 9 bhp at actual demand conditions
  • Installed new piping system to accommodate the 10 psig air with minimal pressure drop
  • Incorporated current plant air/regulator system for back up


The furnace is aspirated approximately 6500 hours per year and the application of the blower is expected to reduce power by 108,000 kwH annually. At a blended electrical cost of $0.09/ kwH , annual savings are estimated at $9,720.00 per year. Additionally, the load reduction will keep a second compressor from running and lower the maintenance on their lead compressor.

The entire project investment was $20,000. FOE provided a $6,500 load shedding incentive which created an estimated 16 month ROI.

Estimated annual electrical savings at a blended electrical cost of $.09/kwH.

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