April 3, 2020

7 Tips to Keep Your Critical Compressed Air Equipment Running

While COVID-19 is disrupting our normal everyday life, your compressed air equipment is still running business as usual.. That means maintenance is as important as ever to avoid production downtime.

Whether you do maintenance in-house or are looking for some support in these unusual times, we can help you keep your compressed air equipment running effectively and efficiently. Here are 7 tips for your compressed air system maintenance:

1. When in doubt, follow your air compressor’s manual.

Look through your air compressor's instructional manual to get an idea of the typical maintenance intervals for the numerous consumable parts your air compressor requires on a regular basis. Zorn Compressor can always help with OEM and aftermarket parts for whatever air compressor you're running.

2. Harsh compressor environment? Regularly clean the air intake.

Make sure to keep your intake vent as clean as possible, especially if your equipment is located in a harsher environment. Airborne contaminants can force your compressor to work harder than is necessary to overcome the restrictions.

3. Compressor running hot? Check your oil level.

Low oil levels can cause overheating issues on any compressor, so be sure to regularly check your air compressor's oil level. Varnish can also lead to issues down the road, so oil changes are needed on a regular basis. Keeping a regular maintenance schedule is important.

4. Check your hoses regularly.

Hoses can become cracked or corroded over time, so it's important to periodically check all your hoses to make sure nothing is leaking. Leaks can lead to unnecessary strain on the compressor over time.

5. Change your air filters & filter elements as necessary.

Check your air filter elements regularly throughout your compressed air system and change them if you notice a heavy buildup of dust, debris, or oil carryover.

6. Clean the heat exchangers.

Clean your compressor’s heat exchangers regularly to keep operating temperatures down and increase the life span of your air compressor. You don't want your system to overheat.

7. Moisture issues? Start by checking your system drains.

Be sure to do a normal check on the numerous drains located throughout your compressed air system. Or consider some automated electronic drains or energy efficient, zero air loss drains. Zorn Compressor can help provide you with these efficient drains to save energy, resources, and cost in the long run.

Get Started with your Compressor Maintenance Today

Whether it's through our 24/7 service department or with these maintenance tips, make sure you're doing what you can to keep your compressed air equipment running properly.

We offer contactless service during these uncertain times where social distancing is of the upmost importance. We can utilize our digital tools to check in with you before, during, and after any needed service to make sure your equipment is running optimally and to limit any risk to your business.

Our service department is located out of seven brick and mortar locations throughout both Wisconsin and Illinois to help keep your system running whether it be through emergency service or a maintenance program tailored to your specific system. If you need additional service or support, our compressed air experts look forward to meeting you to discuss your equipment and needs. Please call (262) 695-7000 or reach out at zornair.com for more information.

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