We’re compressed air systems experts.

We implement a proven process for testing and maintaining air quality.



Trained Zorn technicians take samples from your compressed air lines for contaminants ranging from:

  • Particles

  • Water

  • Oil

  • Micro-organisms

We examine your samples with our ISO 17025 accredited laboratory partner, Trace Analytics.

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The analysis results are compiled in an all-inclusive, easy to review written report that includes:

  • An overall lab report

  • A summary of your compressed air equipment

  • Explanation of any found issues

  • Our expert recommendations

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We work with you to resolve any quality equipment issues you may have. We’ll also help you develop and implement a schedule for air quality testing going forward to keep your systems on track


Only Zorn Offers:

Trained compressed air experts with years of field experience

Testing for any AQT requirement or specification

Whatever you need to test for, Zorn has the experience and know-how. We can even help you develop and implement your own custom air quality standards.

  • SQF

  • ISO

  • BCAS

  • GFSI

  • Grade D Breathable Air

  • Nitrogen Purity

  • Your company’s Internal and/or other air quality requirements

Comprehensive testing using the toughest specification – ISO 8573

ISO 8573 is recognized globally as the gold standard in compressed air testing. In fact, ISO 8573 is so tough, many labs don’t even have the facilities to test to this standard. In many cases, these labs use modified breathing air specs that don’t meet manufacturing needs.

Air compressor system experience in where contamination can occur

We use our air compressor systems knowledge to gather samples exactly where contamination begins and grows. That makes your compressed air testing as thorough as it can be. And gives you confidence.



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