The electricity consumed by air compressors is an expense for any production facility. Effectively managing those costs can have a significant effect on bottom line profitability. The use of flow controllers and automation/sequencers will not only reduce the electricity consumed by the air compressors at your facility, but can also reduce total run time on the air compressors thus, reducing maintenance costs and providing redundancy.



Flow Controllers

Many production facilities operate at elevated pressures in order to satisfy periods of peak demand. This elevated pressure not only costs money in the form of electricity on the supply side, but also increases the air consumption of leaks and unregulated points of use. When installed with properly sized control storage (air receivers), a flow controller will stabilize plant pressure, thus allowing demand (production) side pressure to be lowered without interrupting the process.


  • Steady plant pressure
  • Less compressed air used
  • Electricity and maintenance savings
  • Higher quality production
  • Stable delivery pressures


  • Used in multiple machine installations
  • Provides consistent air pressure
  • Tightens up pressure band between machine starts
  • Allows compressors to run as needed to satisfy plant demand
  • Lowers overall energy costs
  • Consistent plant air supply
  • Intuitive PLC automation panel available
  • Custom solutions available

Brand availability varies by location.