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Our business is compressors, but people are our focus

The best way to tell you about Zorn is by describing the relationships that make our organization what it is – our special connection with our customers, our deep bond with our employees and our place in the community.

Our customers – they're why we're here

Zorn distributes a wide variety of compressed air equipment, parts and services. Our customers range from manufacturers to repair facilities to municipalities to hospitals and medical facilities. For these organizations, compressed air is just as important a utility as electricity, gas or water. Most of them are unable to function without their compressed air supply, so if a compressed air problem should occur, it’s urgent.

Our customers depend on us and we don’t let them down. Whether it’s our expertise in selection and design of their systems, our comprehensive maintenance programs that minimize downtime, or our fast response when repair service is needed, our customers have come to expect the best from Zorn over the years – and that’s made for solid relationships. In fact, a great many of our customer partnerships go back 25 – even 30 – years!

We’ve also developed strong relationships with our suppliers, buying the highest quality equipment and parts from the world’s leaders in compressed air and vacuum, such as Quincy, Gardner Denver, Kobelco, Parker, Nano and Zeks to name just a few. That’s another reason why our customers value our relationships.

How we got here

Zorn Compressor & Equipment traces our beginnings to 1950 when a company called Cochrane Compressor was established in the Chicago area. The company grew to become a market leader with four branch locations. In 1965, Cochrane Compressor opened a facility in Milwaukee as a Wisconsin company.

John Zorn joined the organization in the 1970s as a sales representative in Milwaukee. In 1979, he established the company’s Madison branch and then spent the next 20+ years working his way from Sales Manager to Vice President-General Manager to President. 

In 2001, John purchased Cochrane Compressor’s Wisconsin operations. The company’s name was changed to Zorn-Cochrane Compressor & Equipment – establishing a new identity while still maintaining our brand recognition with our customers. In 2006 the company became known as Zorn Compressor & Equipment, Inc.

From left to right: Katie Marks, Matt Zorn, Frank Melch, and Jeff Carlson

From left to right: Katie Marks, Matt Zorn, Frank Melch, and Jeff Carlson

Today, Zorn Compressor & Equipment serves our customers from seven branch locations – Wausau, Eau Claire, Green Bay, Madison, Milwaukee, Gurnee, Illinois and Woodridge, Illinois. It’s privately owned by the Zorn family: John Zorn serves as Chief Executive Officer, Matt Zorn is our President and Katie Marks serves as Vice President Secretary/Treasurer. Also leading the team at Zorn are Frank Melch, Vice President of Sales and Jeff Carlson, Vice President-General Manager.

While we may have grown in size over the years – the square footage for all of our facilities totals over 60,000 – we’ve still managed to keep our focus where it belongs – on people.

Zorn Compressor & Equipment and our employees – a one-of-a-kind relationship

The unique relationship between Zorn management and our company’s employees has resulted in tenure not commonly seen in this industry:

  • For the last five years, average employee tenure is over 11 years

  • 15% of employees have over 25 years of experience

  • Several employees have over 40 years of experience with Zorn

When you consider that the company started in 1965 – just over 50 years in business – that kind of tenure is even more impressive!  This tenure provides unparalleled expertise and hands-on knowledge to our customers.

How do you get to tenure like that? By building strong relationships with employees. Some companies call it corporate culture, but at Zorn it’s just our everyday work environment:

  • Honesty

  • Fairness

  • Loyalty

  • Open communication

  • Support from company and co-workers

  • Opportunity to grow and develop

  • Access to management

Zorn and our community: building a lasting relationship

Zorn is a business that truly supports the community. "It's so easy to get caught up in day-to-day concerns, when there is so much that needs attention right here among our own neighbors," says Katie Marks, Zorn Vice President Secretary/Treasurer.. 

Zorn gives back to their community every year whether it be through sponsoring local sports teams, supporting 4H auctions, or donating to local causes.

Is a relationship with Zorn Compressor & Equipment in your future?

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